Hedge Fund Hotels is powered by HedgeCo Networks, a premier name in the hedge fund industry. HedgeCo Networks provides fund managers, investors, service providers, and financial enthusiasts a chance to interact in an online community devoted specifically to hedge funds.

Through the management of multiple websites, including HedgeCo.Net, HedgeFundTools.com, and HedgeCoWebsites.com, we bring our clients an array of products and services. The team at HedgeCo Networks is comprised of consultants, analysts, writers, creative designers, and IT experts, each of whom has years of experience working with hedge funds. We have worked with many top fund managers and accredited investors around the world, and we pride ourselves on the continuation of our excellence.

Hedge Fund Hotels is yet another way that we can serve our clients, by providing high end office space at a fraction of the cost. It is our goal, in providing this service, to accommodate hedge funds and service providers alike, and make the often daunting task of finding suitable office space one less thing to worry about.